Thursday, 25 December 2008

Christmas Prezzies: First Thoughts

Ahh, Christmas. A time of love and joy an' all that. I, however, do not suffer from such human failings, and thus I see only that fact that I get lots of prezzies.

Jesus is cool too. Go Jesus.

Anyway, I've been gifted Fable II, Crackdown and Saints Row II by a rotund chap with a sonorous catchphrase, which I can only assume refers to the ladies of the night waiting in his sleigh. I've had a quick go on Crackdown and Fable II, and so far my early verdicts are as follows:

Crackdown - Fun, but repetitive. Incredibly cheesy, and that guy who gives you a running commentary of what you're doing and what you should be doing has a horrible voice.

Fable II - There seem to be too many things to do, and I've been distracted from my mission of saving the world. I'll get back to it later, I need to fart at a crowd of children.

I might review them all sometime, if I feel like it and get enough hugs.