Saturday, 3 January 2009

What I've Been Up To Lately

I'll get straight to the point here and let you in on a secret: I'm a really boring person. I might seem like Captain Kirk online, but in reality I'm more like Russell Kirk. Politic theorist? Sounds boring enough for me.

And thus, in no specific order, I present to you a list of things I've done lately:

Bought Call of Duty 4
Yeah, finally. I completed the single player in four hours, and was glad to discover that I couldn't reach level 55 in multiplayer in a similarly short space of time. That would be silly. There was a certain moment in the campaign that affected me quite strongly emotionally. I should blog about that in more detail sometime.

I Had My Hair Cut
A big occasion, and not an easy one to live through I'll have you know. It's now much shorter than I've had it in a fair while. Initially, I didn't like the new look. Now that I've got used to it though, I've decided it's not so bad. I can no longer hide behind my hair, or use my fringe to warm my face up, and worst of all I can't now pull two long bits of hair over my upper lip like a moustache. Despite this, I now look less like I belong in a 90s alternative rock group and more like a semi-productive member of 21st Century Society. Or a gay hairdresser. Whichever.

Went Outside
It was as scary as all the tales said it would be. Listen to me, patrons of the internet - I went out there so that you wouldn't have to. So believe me when I say this: it was bloody cold.

Apart from that, I've done nothing even half interesting. I'll strive in future not to be such a tedious person, if you all promise not to vote for any politicians. Vote Dante.

Thank you, and goodnight.