Monday, 5 April 2010

Holy Crap

This 'blogging' thing is serious business. Or it can be, if you're dedicated to it. Clearly I am not, having posted now only 18 times in - what - 20 months? And not once in the past 8 of those months. My last post said that I would soon be blogging about the demo for Darkest of Days. Well, I lied.

You know what has happened in these last 8 blogless months? I discovered sport. Or rather, I discovered that I really, really like sport. In particular that I like American Football. I didn't know that. Did you? No? Me neither. My passing interest in America's Most Violent Pastime has gone, replaced by a fervent passion. I like my favourite player to such a point that my heart flutters when I see a picture of him. Man crush.

Eli Manning! Wooo!

I love him.