Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Online Quizzes

“The Dream Job Quiz”

Alright, if you think you can judge my dream job better than I can, go ahead.

The best way to do this, I reckon, is to have one question: “What’s your dream job?”. But no, instead:

“What grades are you getting?”

Mostly Bs. What does my school performance have to do with my dreams? If I dreamt of a hundred beautiful women fulfilling my every desire, I’d be pretty miffed if it was then interrupted by logarithms.

“And what’s your best subject?”

Best, or favourite? Favourite makes sense, yes, but best? I don’t care if I’m good at maths and crap at sketches. My dream job can still be, say, an architect. Who on Earth would want to do something maths related?

I’m hoping flame doesn’t see the above question, or I may be forced to facepalm.

“What would you rather do?”

Sit Down, Stand Up, or Run Around.

Heh. That’s getting more sensible. Sit, what else? Doesn’t everyone dream of sitting uninterrupted and unchallenged, day in, day out?

Next question isn’t hugely original: How important is money?

A little. While dreams are all well and good, it’s important to be realistic. Born without brain cells or any shred of talent or good looks, I’m confined to the low paying jobs.

“Do you wanna be famous?”

Um, sure. That fits in entirely, and I don’t think I can mock it in any way. I’ll cry about that later.

“When there’s a project to do, you’d rather:”

Work with a team, solo it, make others do it.

Ideally, not doing anything and making others do your dirty work is the way to go. However, that would make me feel either evil villainish or Sir Alan Sugarish, so I choose to solo it.

“What do you wanna do after high school?”

Eh, go to college. More unrelated twaddle. Schooling isn’t a job. Pfft.

“Which would you rather win?”

An Oscar.

A Grammy.

A Nobel Prize.

An Olympic gold medal.

A Congressional Medal of Honor.


In my dream, I’d win them all. I’m quite the multi-talented individual in my dreams. I choose Oscar, for no reason other than that I have to choose one.

Next, do I prefer indoors or outdoors? Again, this one makes sense! Indoors, until they put TVs on every street corner, each playing either Sharpe or Star Trek.

“Finally, which reality competition would you totally nail?”

American Idol.

Wait, what?

Result: Local News Anchor

You're smart, sophisticated and ambitious. You love expanding your mind and sharing information with the masses...but you're not opposed to getting some major screen time, too. Good luck getting out of that Podunk town and going national.


Ahh. Thanks for that.