Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Adventures of Dante: Galactic Conquest

Greetings, weary traveller of space and time. Welcome to my grand palace, the source of all my power, and base of operations.

It is from here that I shall vanquish all that shall stand between me and complete domination of the galaxy.

Essentially, I’m sat in a shed playing Galactic Civilizations II. It’s a great game, though, and I couldn’t think of any game that I’d rather be playing in a garden shed.

GalCiv lets you create your own race, so I do. Thus, the Federation of Tasty Foods is born. I choose this sexy beat to be the face of President Dante:

Federation of Tasty Foods 

The Federation is most notable for having the endorsement of Batman, with whom they share their logo:

Federation of Tasty Foods

And so my quest commences. Will the Federation unite the galaxy under the Bat-Signal, or will they be crushed in their futile attempts like so many before them? Stay tuned to find out.


Love you all x

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